Caravan Outdoors

Caravan Outdoors is a team of experienced and trained outdoor experts. Many of our guides have been in the trade for more than 20 years, and have helped over 3,000 tourists find their dream destination! With over 50 trips available in 4 different countries; India, Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, we assure every trip is successful and safe!

Registered and licensed to operate by the Government of Nepal, Trekking Associations, Tourism Board, and the Mountaineering society; our operations are regularly monitored for safety and compliance! We are proud of members of GETA and the International Coalition of Tourism Partners! Our clienteles range from solo, couples, family, groups, and LGBT travelers.

Yak Caravan
Yak Caravan at Dolpo

Caravan is a Persian word describing the traveling group of people, mainly nomads; often on a trade expedition.

The origin of the word goes back to 1580s. There are various sources for the origin, namely; Middle French caravane, Old French carvane/carevane, or Medieval Latin caravana, which were picked up during the Crusades from Persian karwan “group of desert travelers”.

Today, Caravans are mainly organized to transport rations, trek and climbing gears, etc in the remote mountainous regions. During the trip to the mountains, you can easily encounter Yak or mule caravans on the trail. Most of the time, they’ll be carrying your loads too.