For any group trek in Nepal, there must be at least two trekkers and the maximum of ten or more. For a group of lesser than 10, we name it “Small Group.”

We will easily organize private trip for the solo travelers as well. If any selected date is demanded by you, we will register the date and open bookings for other to join in the meantime, hence, organizing a group trek.


It is very essential that you are accompanied with an experienced and qualified leader for the safety and success of your trip. We employ the local & experienced trek guides in Nepal for the same, who are trained and licensed from the Government of Nepal and certified by TAAN & Nepal Mountaineering Association.

Each trip employs a minimum of one trip leader. Such arrangement ensures if any of our guide/assistant falls ill or if any trekker falls ill and needs to get back, they can do so without interrupting the trip.


Each trip offers ★★★ hotel in Kathmandu and standard lodges/tea-houses en trail. The Hotels in Kathmandu are attached with Bathroom, A/C, 24 hours hot/cold shower, and the tea-houses are equipped with minimal modern amenities, clean and comfortable rooms.

A breakfast will be offered while your stay in Kathmandu, along with complimentary dinners before and after the trek. The trek, however, offers full board meal services and includes Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner; along with Tea- Coffee).

The choices of meal during the trek are limited however you can find a meal of your liking at almost every tea-house.


If you wish to upgrade the accommodation in Kathmandu, this is very much available, upgrade accommodation at ★★★★ hotel in Kathmandu would cost US $30 on top per night and the ★★★★★ upgrade would cost a total of US $65 per night!


The weather conditions in Kathmandu are difficult to predict in advance. During the day it can be nice and warm, however, the nights may get colder.

Spring 16-23°C (61-73°F)
Summer 23-25°C (73-77°F)
Autumn 15-24°C (59-75°F)
Winter 9-12°C (48-54°F)


There is no way to prepare for altitude other than to spend time acclimatizing. Being in very good physical condition will help ameliorate some of the exhaustion that people often feel, but it will not prevent altitude sickness.

All of our itineraries are designed to accommodate proper acclimatization and preparation during the trip to ensure sound health. If you follow our lead, you can avoid Acute Mountain Sickness easily.

Trekking above the 3,000 meters may attract AMS or other similar medical conditions. At this height the Oxygen available is comparatively lesser than the sea level. The higher you go, the lesser the Oxygen you may find.


Mountain Sickness can be a very serious and potentially life threatening condition. You need to be aware of the symptoms, and act as prescribed by your trip guide. Some people may attract AMS at 3,000 meters, while others can easily ascend above without being affected. A person’s susceptibility to this does not appear to be dependent upon fitness. A clear way to reduce AMS is to ensure you maintain your intake of liquids, or descend immediately when you are aware of the illness.


Travel Insurance is mandatory for the entire tourists visiting Nepal. Your travel insurance must cover accidents, medical expenses, theft, medical emergencies and rescue. You can choose an Insurance provider of your liking or take our recommendations on the same. A copy must be provided to your local operator before commencing the trek, and the local agency will help claim the insurance on your behalf!


Proper medical check and immunization is important to safeguard yourself from any medical accidents during the trip. Proper immunization is important to protect yourself from infirmities or venerable diseases.

Common Viruses: Hepatities A, B; Tetanus; Diptheria; Measles; Chicken Pox; Influenza; Malaria; Japanese Encephalitis.


All foreigners require a visa for entry into Nepal (except Indian nationals). Visas can be obtained from the Nepalese embassy prior to travel or on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Do Carry multiple Passport-sized photographs.

  • Multiple entry 15 days US$ 25 or equivalent convertible currency.
  • Multiple entry 30 days US$ 40 or equivalent convertible currency.
  • Multiple entry 90 days US$ 100 or equivalent convertible currency.

You must pay visa fee in cash (payable in any major currency but Traveler’s Check) at the TIA for visa processing.