LGBT Tourism in Nepal

Caravan Outdoors supports the LGBT rights and LGBT tourism. We understand the value of gender equality and choice of sexual orientation, therefore, we help you come out and enjoy your life through holidaying. We cater every individual without any judgement or biases, and moreover, we help organize a safe and pleasurable trip.

Tourism should be planned and practiced as a privileged means of individual and collective fulfillment; when practiced with a sufficiently open mind. It is an irreplaceable factor of self-education, mutual tolerance and for learning about the legitimate differences between people, cultures and their diversity.

LGBT rights were legitimized by the state of Nepal in 2007. Sanctioned and protected by the law, you can freely enjoy most of the LGBT rights in Nepal than any other countries around the world. Nepal Tourism Board has already green-flagged the program to encourage LGBT tourism; therefore, Nepal can be a desirable destination for the global LGBT tourists.

Advantages of LGBT Holidaying in Nepal
  • No discrimination or segregation based on your sexual orientation and identity.
  • Businesses, Hotels and Agencies cater LGBT tourists equally.
  • The employees at hospitality industry are more sensitive towards LGBT tourists’ needs.
  • Indulge in honeymooning, vacation and tours without the fear of any repercussions.
  • Refer and promote as the safe and desirable travel destination.
At Caravan Outdoors, We Care,
  • To provide finest holiday packages to a single, couple or group LGBT tourists.
  • To organize perfect honeymoon trips.
  • To train our staffs to understand and comprehend the sensibility of your choices and privacy.
  • To facilitate LGBT friendly travel destinations and travel packages.
  • To promote and facilitate LGBT tourism needs in the entire Nepalese tourism sector.



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