hikers in trip

Trip Difficulty

hikers in trip

Trip Difficulty

Every outdoor activity requires a certain physical and mental exertion. The level of exertion demanded by certain outdoor trip is known as the physical grading.
Outdoor activities in Nepal, mainly; Trekking, Hiking and Climbing, can be distinguished into four different physical levels.



It is light walking and hiking suitable for most fitness levels. Not too challenging for amateurs or experts. Maximum altitude remains around 3000 m and the hike requires around 3-4 hours a day. Trekkers younger than 14 years can attempt this trek as well.



It may pose challenge for the amateurs. It may require fair level of fitness. Maximum altitude remains around 4000 m – 4500 m and the hike requires around 5-6 hours a day. Trekkers older than 14 years can easily attempt this trek.



It may pose greater level of difficulty as the terrain and altitude may differ along with the temperature. Fitness and sound health is a must. Maximum altitude may reach over 5000 m and the hike requires over 6 hours a day. It isn’t suggested for the trekkers younger than 18 years.



It requires previous experience of high-altitude trekking and sound health, as the chances of Altitude Sickness & Acute Mountain Syndrome may become more common. The altitude may get over 6000 m and may require less or more climbing skills, such as; cramponing, ice-axing etc.

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hikers in trip

Trip Difficulty

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